Scald was hatched into existence in the year of your lord 1993, from the festering ashes of, initially and down through the descending, turbulent years, various grind-core punk/crust-metal units (including T.V.P. and Bleeding Rectum), with the primary personnel read-out of, Pete Dempsey (G/V), Big Balls (B) and Paul (Paulrus) McCarroll (D), which eventually evolved, due to a doom-laden fluxation of ongoing negative and experimental in-house factors into the present day triumvirate of P.D. (B/V), Mick Tierney (G) and P (P) McC (D). From the early black-noise of their primitive first-born, crust-metal rumblings (=Force The Farce Compilation Single '93 + Rancid Fuckhole Demo '94), onto a sharper, more metallic, doom-punk mesh of cold, piercing thrashery (=Born With Teeth Demo '97), occasionally befriended by semi-discontinual, sporadic live outings, down through the lurching, despairing, wasteland crawl, precluding base animal instinctive haste, of their sludge-grinding and frenetic, tortuous and weightier c..Nematoid Demos '99 / '00), then onto the slowly squirming emergence of a seemingly hopeless journey into an epic, sonic barrage of pounding, twisted-gear changing, organic filth-riddled density and bastardised, dissonant prog-grind leanings (=Headworm Album '03), right up to their Code666 (Italy) licensed, jazz-grind, doom-funk, classical-thrash, prog-instrumental odyssey (=Vermiculatus Album '06) and Midhir (Ireland) Licensed, horned salute and blackened nod to their pre-Scaldic grindcore roots (=Fluke EP '07), Scald have summoned a predominantly positive response to their negatively charged yet contradictorily cathartic and grimly greying, venomous outbursts, from the verminous global network of extreme-musical, underground entities and remain an uncompromisingly grating, gratifyingly displeasing, head-melting oddity of Ireland's idiosyncratic D.I.Y zone.