Selected Mixed Media 2022

All works in this gallery
have been created digitally using unfinished, in progress, unused or rejected analogue works, along with additional details from other completed works ranging from mid 90's up to 2022.
For instance, the basis for 'Hymn 9' is 'Super Spreader' (see selected paintings 2018-23) scanned in a very early stage of painting. 'Hymn 10' is made from an untitled, unfinished oil painting along with parts of 'Super Spreader', digital painting and elements from several airbrushed paintings from the 90's ...and so on.

Most of these were created for the Plague Hymns book. Hymn 7-20+24

(NO A.I.)

Hymn 11 (Mute)

Hymn 7 (Logic)

Hymn 8 (Moth)

Hymn 9 (Infectious Effigy)

Hymn 10 (Sermon)

Hymn 12 (Grief)

Hymn 13 (Obstinate)

Hymn 14 (Conception)

Hymn 1 5(Winterskin 2)

Hymn 16 (Winterskin 1)

Hymn 17 (Cult Communion)

Hymn 18 (askyerma)

Hymn 19 (Committal)

Hymn 20 (Eucharist)

Hymn 21 (Prayer For Broken Limbs)

Hymn 22 (Scream)

Hymn 23 (Crybaby)

Hymn 24 (Exit)

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