Regius 1

Regius 1

10 Pulse emitters.
rt: 63:41
Download includes 24 page pdf booklet.

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track list:
Lex Vermitronis
Ectoprocta Krystos
Set Ancylostoma
Diabolus Hookworm
Priapulan Draconis
Gnathostomulid Papavermo
Vermus Kryst
Vermoid Arachnoid

Line up:
Maciek Pasinski: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Programming, Arrangements, Mixing and Mastering
Pete Dempsey: Vocals, Lyrics, Concept
Paul McCarroll: Artwork, Design
Mik Pasinski: Field Recordings (tracks 5, 9, 10)

*Re-recorded from original roughs by Pete Dempsey: Bass and Mick Tierney: Guitar

Reset greetings to all the Vermisubjugated. We are (dis)pleased to finally present the reworked and enhanced ‘Regius-I’ album by Maciek Pasinski of ‘qip’, ‘theMANcalledTEA’ and ‘Sirrah’ infamy from original, unfinished and unreleased ‘Regius’ album demos by now defunct Irish extreme prog-metal practicians, ‘Scald’, this being phase-I of the ‘Regius’ trilogy of releases offering the ‘song’ oriented batch of the three.“In this dimension sound is the beginning and sound is the end, from the creator swell to the destroyer knell, with the war shanty, the imperial concerto, the battle chant, the satanic anthem, the underworld theme, the sect hymn, the conflict odyssey and the combat symphony tightly thread-worming the history of time together in an overarching grand orchestration of the struggle between positive and negative forces...”

We despair that it was worth the weight.


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