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6 Pulse emitters.
"Listen and learn. Buy or die." 4.8 / 5 Metal Ireland
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1 Pulse emitter.
"The scene needs more music and less product . If only more bands could be this ambitious. Highest recommendation." Lamentations Of The Flame Princess
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9 Pulse emitters.
"Like a tank playing with psychedelia" Michele Giorgi
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nematoid: specimen parts V-IIX
4 Pulse emitters.
"Its hard to liken this band to anybody else, as they really break all boundaries and provide some truly original music." Golden Lake
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nematoid: specimen parts I-V

4 Pulse emitters.
"...brutalising and confusing the listener, but still holding your attention till the end."," To say its different would be an understatement." Biting Bullets
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born with teeth
8 Pulse emitters.
"There is something incredible, brilliant about this band!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must worship this!!" Slayer magazine
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rancid fuckhole [demo]
5 Pulse emitters.
Pulse emitters:Insular, Non Selective, Confusexcremental, Body Forlorn, Inside the Machine
September 1994. Secondary download. First official birthing created initially for test purposes and self consumption with frenetic engineering by Marty on four tracks in a decomposing community coven. Primal sludge crust resulting in seeds of evolving ‘Born With Teeth’ prophecy. A must for Scaldic Archivalists!
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world hardcore compilation [exclusive track]
Discrete records [Japan]
Pulse emitter: ‘Force The Farce’ - Mother Source: ‘Self contained single cell’
September 1993. Initial emission as Scaldic entity. Single cell donation for ‘Japanese World Hardcore Compilation c.d.’ given life at green dolphin studios, Belfast. Sonically inferior, but interesting to hear, data from previously beneficial but now incompetent, financially extortive sound base.

Other Scald related projects.

Geminus Schism. Album in progress.

Presenting a project merger involving Scald and qip associates, Mr P Dempsey and Mr M Pasinski in the contract negotiation of a hyper-progressive industrial death/black metal commodity.

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Wretch. In progress

Experimental arm of Scald. A parasitic twin creating aural abominations for the purpose of Unhinged artbook soundtracks.

Experimental 200pg dark artbook with an UnScald soundtrack.
Preview track at bandcamp soon.
Wretch prelaunch on kickstarter.
More info here.